“Being a member of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters has definitely helped me grow my impromptu speaking skills. Lincoln-Way Toastmasters has experienced award-winning members who can help raise you to a high level. What are you waiting for?”

Garrett Gray, Engineer, Past District 54 Humorous Speaker and Speech Evaluation Champion

“Lincoln-Way is a terrific club that has helped me dramatically improve my speaking and coaching skills. If you like fun, friendly people who will support your growth and development, you should join today. I highly recommend Lincoln-Way Toastmasters.”

Renee’ Perry, Business Coach

“Lincoln-Way Toastmasters gives everyone an opportunity to become so comfortable with standing in front of an audience that they always feel they are simply having a conversation with friends.”

Hayward Suggs, Business Consultant & Coach, Three-time International Speech Contestant, Ranked top 100 in the country for speaking

“Lincoln-Way Toastmasters may have a standard outline but its history has produced extraordinary speakers who compete at all levels with an agenda to nurture everyone to achieve their personal best.”

Valerie Bowman, Financial Planner

“I discovered Toastmasters many decades ago, when picking up my prescription for tranquilizers. The caring woman behind the pharmacy counter advised me, “You don’t need to be taking these. Get into Toastmasters”. The possibilities to develop not only your public speaking and leadership skills, but self-confidence, is dependent only on your commitment and effort. This organization has been a tremendous opportunity for me, and anyone who chooses to get involved. The level of support from the club and it’s membership is unparalleled.”

Mike Timmons, Business Owner

 “Toastmasters has had a huge impact in developing my speaking and communication skills. I didn’t join Toastmasters to become a better public speaker. I joined Toastmasters to become a better communicator and to develop confidence when speaking with someone one-on-one or with a group of people. The people at the meetings are extremely positive, and it’s such a safe place to fail.”

Mark Avignone, Small Business Owner

“I considered Toastmasters for a few years before finally visiting a club…then I was hooked! Some of the benefits I’ve experienced from becoming a member are improved communication and leadership skills as well as increased self-confidence; but, the best thing about Toastmasters is the people! You won’t find a more supportive and encouraging group of people anywhere else.” 

Adriene Summers, Past President of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters, Customer Service/Internal Communications

“I’ve been blessed to meet so many professional people who share in their quest to improve themselves through the art of public speaking. I have found it easier to pull myself up in the presence of people who cheer me on and thoughtfully point out areas in which I can improve my speaking. I recently took a required speech class for my college degree and my classmates were inspired to look for a Toastmasters club to help them improve their speaking skills…because of the example I was able to provide thanks to the Lincolnway Toastmasters.”

Michael Pijanowski, Past President of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters

“As a Toastmaster for several years, I thoroughly enjoy visiting other clubs. The Lincoln-Way Toastmasters club puts on a great program each and every time, with fantastic speakers and supportive members. Whenever I’m nearby on a meeting night, I still make a point to attend – it’s always an excellent investment of my time. I strongly invite you to visit this club – you will be warmly welcomed, and you will improve your communication skills – I promise!”

Paul Rak, IT Consultant,  Past Toastmasters Area Director

“The Lincoln-Way Toastmasters club is a wonderful group that I consider to be part of my extended family – a family that encourages, supports, guides and inspires me to continually improve my speaking and leadership skills. I always leave our meetings with an uplifted spirit. Come and join our family. You’ll be glad that you did!”

Beth Majerszky, Life Coach

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